Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jett And The Beautiful Day

Not a cloud in the sky, and calm winds and it was warm so of course I wasn't scheduled to fly today, unlike yesterday when i was scrapping frost off the plane.

Instead we did family things, including a nice long walk to a local park as the weather was finally awesome. No jackets needed.

Jett enjoyed his time outside immensely.

First we took him for a nice long walk all around the neighborhood and walked him there and played some ball with him as Leah climbed all over the playground.

It appeared that the entire neighborhood had emerged from hibernation - people and dogs alike all walked the streets to enjoy the sun.

Jett played with multiple dogs and had a grand time.

He also got to bark at squirrels.

To cap off a perfect day for Jett, he actually caught a squirrel by outrunning it and catching it on our lawn. He gave it a few shakes, and the squirrel gave a squirrel chittering yell and Jett let it go. The squirrel then was limping away wondering what was the license of the truck that had just hit him.

That's one squirrel at least that will think twice about hanging out in our yard teasing Jett through the windows.

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Old NFO said...

LOL, score one for Jett! :-)