Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Detroit Carjacking Gone Very Wrong

In an impressive display of Darwin in action, we get the following news report from the Detroit News:

Detroit motorist watching porn on phone crashes, dies

He wasn't just watching it at the time of the crash either -

A Detroit man watching a porn movie while driving his car got into an accident and died.

The man, who wasn’t wearing pants, was watching the movie on his cellphone, said police.

The driver, 58, wasn’t wearing a seat belt and was partially ejected through the sunroof.

I wonder if it will be written up as a death due to a case of premature ejection.

Florida Man got nothin' on Detroit Dude.


Murphy's Law said...

So one hand to hold the phone and one hand to...

How was he steering? I think I see the problem.

Aaron said...

So you're saying he was busy driving a stick shift even though he had an automatic transmission?

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Surely it was some form of ejectile dysfunction. I have about 300 emails in my Spam folder that could have helped him.