Friday, January 15, 2016

An Amber Alert Generated Excessively Early Wake Up

So there I was, happily asleep and then my phone, which I use as an alarm clock nuicely set to get me up for the morning, gives a very long and vociferous buzzing (I had it on vibrate), enough to wake me up.

At 2:00 am.

Was someone trying to text me at that time? Did they have a death wish perhaps?

Nope it was an Amber Alert.

For Coloma, Michigan.

Please note that Coloma, Michigan is on the very opposite side of the state. You can't get any more opposite without ending up in Lake Michigan.

It then went off again at 2:30 with the same alert. At which point I could not get back to sleep.

The alert was later cancelled (without an additional text) and the subjects of the alert, two girls, were found and retrieved safely in Colorado. Apparently it was a bad one with the father being suspected of killing the mother and another person Thursday night and taking the two girls, and apparently getting to Colorado rather quickly.

The news noted that "An Amber Alert was issued just before 2 a.m. Friday; many people woke up to the text alerts that were sent out."

Alex Perez was then taken into custody on a felony warrant, apparently after a bit of a struggle.

I expect it is too much to hope for that during the struggle the scumbag received one hit for every person woken up by the 2am and 2:30 am Amber Alerts.

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Lance Anderson said...

Got the same Amber Alert all the way up in the central UP. I've since disabled that feature.