Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jett's Bath Day

Jett, after playing with Rocky today got a wee bit of a surprise.

Tash had been noting that he was starting to smell rather doggy, so I was ordered to administer a bath.

I had him come into the bathroom and hop in the tub on top of some towels I had placed on the tub bottom to give him some solid footing.  Then Leah and I washed him down, kept him in the tub until he was clean, and dried him off afterwards.

He was not amused.

Now dry and smelling more like himself, he's still not amused.

"Come into the bathroom" they said. "It'll be nice" they said.  "You people gotta sleep sometime", I say.


Murphy's Law said...

Every dog has his (bath) day.

drjim said...

We've learned that it's worth the $25 to have Petco wash ours and trim her nails.....