Saturday, January 02, 2016

Flying Lesson #34 - Today I Was Like Han

Today I was like Han.

I flew Solo!

4 Takeoffs and Landings each to a full stop, by myself. Solo. I did it!

The morning started out as usual, but pre-flighting the bird I found the battery for the plane was dead so we got the battery cart and started her up. Everything else was good though.

Then I did the pattern and did three touch-and-go landings - all patterns and landings were damn nice if I say so myself, and Sean said let's taxi back to the school as he had to do some paperwork.

He endorsed my logbook and student pilot certificate, said the plane will feel lighter and float more now that he's out, and out he went.

I then taxied back to the runway, did the run-up and requested a departure for pattern work as a student pilot, solo, with full stop landings.

After being told to line up and wait I was then given clearance to takeoff - the plane took off a lot quicker with just me in it, and I did the pattern and brought it in for a really beautiful landing. First Solo Takeoff and Landing! Yahoo!

Next the tower had me taxi back to 27R but then quickly cross 27R to immediately takeoff on 27L and then fall in behind a Cessna doing right traffic that had just taken off of 27R. Then I followed him in a did another nice landing. Second Solo Takeoff and Landing!

Then stop and taxi back to 27R, takeoff but this time the tower had me continue downwind until he called my base. It felt like I was flying into the next county when he finally cleared me to turn base. I had a very long and calm final and again brought it in nicely. Third Solo Takeoff and Landing!

Then for the fourth takeoff it was a nice normal pattern and I brought it in as the wind dropped by 5 knots on final, but I had it and landed ok. Fourth Solo Takeoff and Landing!

Then I taxied back to the flight school, shut the plane down and headed in to fill out my log book.

That's .7 and 3 landings dual.

That's .7 and 4 landings Solo!


juvat said...

Congratulations Aaron! Feels great doesn't it? Well done.

Old 1811 said...

When I took lessons, back in 1979, I never got far enough to solo. Of course, having to arrest my flight instructor may have had something to do with it.

Keads said...


Aaron said...

juvat: Thanks! That it does. I've still got a huge grin on my face!

Old 1811: Wow, that must have quite the story behind it.

Keads: Thanks!

Murphy's Law said...

Congrats indeed. I told you you could do it. Feels weird, taking off that first time with no weight in the right seat, doesn't it?

Now if you'll all excuse me, I'm off to buy the world's biggest umbrella.

OldAFSarge said...


Quite an accomplishment Aaron! Congrats!

Aaron said...

ML: Thanks! That it does, it halfway felt that the airplane wanted to tilt to the left when no one was in the right seat. So, is it raining where you are now? :-)

OldAFSarge: Thanks!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Something you never forget along with that big empty space next to you. Congratulations.

jon spencer said...

BZ on the solo.
Hows the plane shopping going?

Aaron said...

WSF: Taht's for sure, thanks!

jon spencer: Thanks! Just in the dreaming stage as far as the plane shopping so far.