Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bureaucrats Naturally Waste Money 'Cause It Isn't Theirs

Typically if money isn't yours and you have control of it, you don't care all that much about using it wisely or preventing it from going to waste. When the money comes from a theoretically inexhaustible supply of taxpayer money, it's even easier, at least until that supply runs out.

The Detroit Free Press: Tab for Guardian Building scaffolding keeps growing

Wayne County has spent close to an estimated $100,000 to rent scaffolding outside the Guardian Building even though the related work happened more than two years ago.

The scaffolding is still there as some work still needs to be done, but Wayne County officials then sat on the second phase that would complete the work and simply kept paying the rent on the scaffolding. For TWO YEARS.

This is after the County bought the building for 14.5 million, knowing it needed 13 million dollars of repairs but actually spending at least twice that so far. One would hope the Free Press will dig deeper to see who paid what to whom, and for what quid pro quo in this mess.

Waste on top of waste, which helps explain the predicament Wayne County is in.

But what the heck, it's just taxpayers' money and the potential for a state bailout later when it all falls apart, right?

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Old NFO said...

OPM... sigh... Probably OUR money...