Friday, July 31, 2015

Detroit To Issue Its Own Matricula Consulars

Now, isn't that special?

The Detroit Free Press: Detroit ID could allow voting, services for homeless

While the headline doesn't mention illegals, the proponents of this municipal ID sure do include them amongst the intended recipients:

Immigrants, homeless people and others in Detroit who struggle to obtain a government-issued photo ID could soon get a Detroit municipal ID, City Council members and other officials announced this morning.

Documents the Secretary of State requires for a state ID can be restrictive, making it difficult for some to prove their identity and gain access to vital city services, Councilwoman Raquel Castaneda-Lopez said.

“We would like it to be accepted as broadly as possible,” Castaneda-Lopez said at a press conference outside the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. “The goal is to have a card that people can use, that’s easier to acquire and they can use it at multiple institutions.”

The application for a Detroit municipal ID, as envisioned, would remove barriers to obtaining an ID in several ways. It would not ask for immigration status, for example, and someone who is homeless could use a local shelter as an address if the person has been staying there for a sustained amount of time. Officials have not yet defined a requirement for duration of residency; it could be between 15 and 60 days.

Indeed, they expect it to be used for voting, after being acquired in a manner far less "restrictive" than a state issued ID. Think lack of verification of a claimants identity before being given an id card in whatever name the person chooses.

Supporters of the Detroit ID want the card to be accepted at banks, libraries, museums and city service providers. It is possible the municipal ID could be used for voting, officials said.

What could possibly go wrong?


Old NFO said...

Going right back down that rathole... sigh

Murphy's Law said...

Detroit...the gift that keeps on giving. How long until Monica Conyers runs for mayor and gets elected?