Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Ah, That Progressive-Puritanical Strain With It's Fear That Someone Is Having Fun Without Government Oversight

The Detroit News: Fireworks spark backlash in Metro Detroit

As of Monday evening, more than 13,000 people had signed the online petition posted on MoveOn.org by Brad Lang, a West Bloomfield resident who launched similar drives in 2012 and 2014.

The petition calls on lawmakers “to immediately repeal the Fireworks Safety Act of 2011,” which legalized the sale and use of airborne, commercial-grade fireworks in Michigan.

“The result has been a drastic increase in the amount and violence of private fireworks displays all over the state of Michigan, thereby endangering people, pets and property,” a statement accompanying the petition states. “It is not worth the additional revenue.”

Violence of private fireworks? Sheesh, the terrible fear that anyone other than a professional could use a firework responsibly is a sad commentary on the Progressive mindset.

Yes, as listed in the article, some idiots have managed to harm themselves and their property in impressive ways with fireworks this weekend (I particularly liked the fellow who managed to shoot a firework into his open car trunk that was full of his other fireworks with predictable results . . .), but temper that with the thousands of people who managed to set off fireworks safely without having a professional do so.

Some people just can't stand the thought of other people having fun and celebrating our Independence.

In other news of a similar vein, Tam points to the mother of the special snowflake that did himself in by launching a firework off his head.

Lady, its a shame your son killed himself because he was stupid. Don't assume the rest of us are that dumb as well. Tam of course stated this far more aptly and poetically than I just did, so go read her post.

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