Thursday, July 16, 2015

Checking Out His Possible Future Residence, Or Just To Visit An Old Buddy?

The Detroit News: Obama to visit Kilpatrick’s prison in Oklahoma

President Barack Obama will visit Kwame Kilpatrick’s federal prison in Oklahoma on Thursday, offering a reminder of how far their careers and fortunes have diverged since both were viewed as rising political figures eight years ago.

The News then quotes Kilpatrick's memoirs:

Kilpatrick wrote that he felt pride at seeing a fellow African-American win the historic election, but he writes that feeling later turned to enmity.

Kilpatrick writes he “hated on” Obama “a little, asking God, ‘Why? Why him and not me?’”

Because you got caught red-handed with your hand in the cookie jar Kwame, that's why. Well, that and your opponents were other Democrats so the media wouldn't keep covering up for you in the face of your blatant corruption.

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juvat said...

Hopefully that won't be the last time he enters a penitentiary(and stays there much, much longer).