Friday, July 10, 2015

Community Outrage Can Work Sometimes - Tsimhomi Kids To Be Freed

Public pressure and media attention can do amazing things sometime to rectify outrageous injustices.

The Detroit Free Press: Judge to release 'jailed' kids, send them to summer camp

Oakland County Family Court Judge Lisa Gorcyca lifted her contempt of court rulings and ordered the release of three children at the center of a contentious child visitation case. The decision means the kids won't spent the summer in the county's juvenile detention center.

"The court agrees with the children's guardian's recommendation as to the best interests of the children," Gorcyca said this afternoon. "The court finds that is in the children's best interests to grant the father's and the guardian ad litem's motion to allow the children to attend summer camp. Children's Village is to facilitate the transportation."

Nicely done people, nicely done indeed. Now remember this when she's up for election in five years.


ProudHillbilly said...

Jeff Kuhner moved up to Boston a couple years ago when offered a radio slot. His fire-brand conservatism has lit the place up, and his hammering and holding rallies has rescued kids and forced corrupt and incompetant officials out. The pressure works - you just need someone to lead the charge.

Expatriate Owl said...

Because the parents are Israelis, the story has also been making the rounds over here in Israel.

Parental alienation of children is a very grievous problem in the divorce arena, and the mother here seems to have done a good job of it on the kids. For his part, the father does not seem to be a role model as such. In short, the couple deserves one another.

Problem is that the kids do not deserve the situation.

Mommy is acting like a juvenile. Daddy is acting like a juvenile. Judge Lisa is acting like a juvenile. The kids, who at least have valid reasons to act like juveniles, are the most adult of the bunch (with the exception of the G-A-L).

jon spencer said...

This was not quite as cut and dried as the original story implied.
We should see more once further legal proceedings have been concluded.

Aaron said...

Expatriate Owl: Yes indeed, the parents in this have behaved abominably but that doesn't excuse the treatment of the kids here.

jon spencer: It's an impressively nasty divorce no doubt, and I'm not taking either parent's side in this, but based on the transcript and even the info that has comes to light since still does not excuse the actions taken against the kids.