Monday, July 20, 2015

The Unkind Coupe Of An Aircoupe

Since I'm planning to get aviating quite soon, I figured I'd pay more attention to aviation goings on, or in this case going in. The Detroit Free Press: Michigan pilot walks away from second crash in 6 years

A very shiny classic 1966 Alon Aircoupe A2 crash landed in Western Michigan Sunday evening, and there's pictures and video at the linked article.

Thankfully, the pilot walked away with only minor injuries and he carefully landed away from people on the beach and came to rest in the sand dunes. No telling the cause just yet, witnesses said the prop wasn't moving when it came in for a landing so to early to know if it was engine failure, fuel starvation or otherwise.

Hopefully the plane didn't get damaged too badly.


Murphy's Law said...

Ercoupe, typo. Made by ERCO. Cool-factor comes from the P-38-style twin tail and the fact that it has no rudder pedals. Needless to say, I looked into them back in 2006. Low cost and stable flyers. If you just want a slick two-seater, find one.

Jesse in DC said...

Erco was originally in Riverdale Md. There used to be one at a house across from the Luray Va, airport, but it was gone last time I was by there. Pretty cool aircraft. Hopefully that one will fly again.