Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Seriously, Don't Try This At Home Kids

As the time comes near for Americans to make joyous festive noises celebrating our independence comes a cautionary tale:

The Detroit News: Walled Lake man dies after putting firework next to head

Walled Lake — A 47-year-old man died Sunday night after jokingly placing a powerful firecracker to his head, believing that it wasn't lit. It was.

As one would expect, alcohol was involved, as was the reckless handling of a powerful firework. That's one very dead man killed in a most stupid and avoidable act of negligence, in front of his family no less. It's a serious waste of a life for no reason whatsoever.

Just like firearms, fireworks and alcohol do not mix.

While a low order explosive, fireworks are still explosive devices and need to be handled with care and a healthy respect for the power they contain.

Be safe and careful out there and enjoy setting off your fireworks, but don't let your celebration end up as a warning to others of what not to do.

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Expatriate Owl said...

One of the things I will miss, now that I have left Long Island, is the annual Fourth of July fireworks casualty count. Seems that every Independence Day (and perhaps a week before), the fireworks illegally imported into the state get ignited. We got some very colorful displays which we could watch from our front lawns or our windows.

And every year, there is at least one person injured or killed by the fireworks.