Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ban Guns in Detroit Venues? Police Baffled That The Guns Are Then Stolen From Cars.

Having a Conceled Pistol License in Michigan makes you quite aware that there are places where you cannot legally bring in your firearm such as a bar or sports stadium.

If you do, you face escalating criminal penalties, all the way up to a felony with more jail time than if, for example, instead of merely carrying your firearm into a prohibited place, you had gone ahead and committed assault less than murder.

So, what's a law abiding toter to do? Why, you leave your gun locked in your car.

The Predictable Result, courtesy of The Detroit News: Downtown Detroit gun thefts draw notice

New light was shed on an old problem at a recent meeting of police officials: Guns are being stolen from vehicles downtown, in part because nightclubs and the NFL ban firearms.

Thank goodness Detroit's own Inspector Clouseau is finally aware of the problem:

Police Chief James Craig said the thefts were news to him. “I’m just now hearing about this,” he said.

Such information sharing is central to the COMPSTAT (computer statistics) policing model. A new “dashboard system” database set up by Wayne State University’s Center for Urban Studies allows every member of the police force to review reports of all crimes investigated in the city, including firearm information and the backgrounds of victims and suspects.

First Precinct Capt. Steve Dolunt added that guns are being stolen from Lions fans who leave them in their vehicles because of the NFL’s firearms prohibition. Because of a new rule barring off-duty police officers from carrying weapons into football stadiums, Dolunt said a Detroit police officer’s gun was stolen from his car earlier this season.

Yeah, those gun free zones are just loads of safety for all, now aren't they?

So of course, the good inspector, who was nearly car jacked himself remember, has the following brilliant advice:

“Let’s find a solution to this,” Craig said. “We need to educate people not to leave their guns in their cars.”

How about an actual solution Chief, of fixing the law so law-abiding citizens are no longer legally required to leave their guns in their cars when they go to various venues. Then gun thefts from cars will be significantly reduced as the guns won't be in the cars and we'll all be safer as a result, ok?


Scott said...

I read that article yesterday and was astounded as you were at the ignorance of these guys. I suppose it could be excused to some extent as the Chief, at least, is new to his job and the city and has been up to his eyeballs in getting a handle on the corrupt DPD. Maybe a quarter-inch excused.

What got me was the level of idiocy among the commenters, particularly the "I walk around in Detroit every day and nobody bothers me" people. Talk about oblivious.

Of course, I shouldn't be surprised. I usually don't read the comments on any newspaper articles anywhere because of the smug lunacy that exists there. It isn't often you will see a thoughtful or reasonable comment there.

Aaron said...

Yes, the Freep's comment section is chock-full of anti-gun idiots with some jaw dropping comments ranging from the full Freudian phallic accusations to completely ignorant regarding law and life.