Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vacuous, Vapid, Verbose, And Claiming To Be Your Betters

Tam points out an illustration of the extreme oddity of the modern sub-species homo progressivus:

Why We Fight

What she's found is some quite well-off people, credentialed but not learned, with a rather stunning lack of self-awareness. This lack is combined with an overdose of pontificating smug resulting in them spouting nonsense and nodding wisely to each other all the while about how profound they find their nonsense.

To top it all off, note that Gerry Canavan's, is an assistant prof at Marquette University, and he has a blog which proclaims himself to be "the smartest kid on earth". Yes, dwell on that oxymoron for awhile.

Ned Resnikoff is a reporter with yep, you guessed it, MSNBC.

The others in the conversation contribute as a part of the rogues' gallery of those who are part of the well-credentialed progressive elites who have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

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