Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crazy Currency Coincidence

One of my Facebook friends posted a rather interesting picture.

With the revamping and redesigning of the currency lately, now all of our bills have color schemes that match those of Monopoly money. Yes, really.

The new 100 bill has very visible yellow areas to it at the watermarks, matching the monopoly bill even more so than the older bill pictured.

Just a coincidence? Or is this an inside-the-Treasury joke on the declining value of the dollar?


Expatriate Owl said...

According to the Official Monopoly Rules []:

"The Bank never 'goes broke.' If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker may issue as much more as may be needed by writing on any ordinary paper."

Would that our Income Taxes be limited to $200!

Aaron said...

Yes, it sure looks like our government has just figured out the same technique for making money as advised by the Monopoly rules.

ProudHillbilly said...

That's hysterical!