Friday, May 13, 2011

Whither Romney the RINO?

Vodkapundit ably and eloquently lays out the case against Romney for consideration this primary season and I certainly agree.

As I commented over there, as Romney is a squishy and beatable RINO I expect the MSM to pile on praise for him through the primaries and push for him to win as they did with McCain.

Then, on the off chance he wins the primaries (this could happen if the GOP powers that be figure its his “turn” a la Bob Dole and McCain), expect the MSM to replay September Dawn (Mountain Meadows massacre movie) on primetime TV prior to the election. Then watch the MSM nail him for this Romneycare and other squishiness and then assail him for conservative views on other things and being out of touch etc.

This is one RINO that needs to be put on the endangered species list during primary season and sent back to his natural habitat -- far, far away from the race for the Republican nomination.

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Scott said...

Romneycare alone (which he still defends!) is enough to disqualify him from any GOP consideration.