Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Afghan Pro-Insurgent Protest Against Violence Leads to Violence

In the Afghanistan feel-good story of the day, after NATO forces on a raid killed 4 insurgents, a protest against the raid of 1,500 people turned violent.

The AP via Findlaw: Protest over NATO raid turns violent; 11 killed
Note in the article that the 4 "civillians" reported in the first paragraph as being killed were, according to NATO, shot after pointing weapons at NATO forces during the raid in the sixth paragraph.
The protest turned violent as some in the crowd started looting shops and throwing stones at a small German base in the city.
So the protest over the deaths of 4 insurgents led to the deaths of 11 of the protestors protesting.

Insurgent supporters of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan must be adepts of the new math.


NE said...

This was a political protest, not a protest against violence. Don't confuse these guys with the larger peace movement who generally don't shout things like "Death to Karzai! Death to America!"

Aaron said...

I don't believe I confused them with the larger peace movement.

Its pretty clear this protest against the violence in question was itself rather violent, moreso than the violence it was protesting against.

Heck, let me know if you can find a viable peace movement in Afghanistan.