Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Oh Canada!

In a great Canadian Election, our good Canadian neighbors just elected Stephen Harper and the Conservative party to a majority in Parliament, reduced the Liberals to third party standing and decimated the Bloc Quebecois.

A fantastic result even with the socialist NDP moving up past the lackluster Liberals to form the opposition.

This election will change the political dialogue in Canada with the Conservatives potentially in full control of law-making in the House of Commons. Some of Harper's priorities for defense, the economy and justice issues now stand a much better chance of becoming law.
Canada just decisively moved toward the center-right and away from the center-left and left.

It was such a wipe out that in a historic shift, even my Dad voted Conservative.

Flying pigs were seen on Toronto Airport Air Traffic control radars as the 905 area code went Tory in a big way. Ice-forming conditions were reported in the netherworld.

The National Post has a good editorial on what should be expected from the Conservatives now that they're in the majority. May the Conservatives live up to expectations.

So congrats to Canada for an excellent election. Here's to at least 4 years of good government and for a strong Canada as an ally and good neighbor.

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