Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lake Huron Dive Cancelled Due to Storms

The only thing worse than a cancelled Great Lakes Wreck Dive would be an unanticipated Great Lakes Wreck Dive when your dive boat sinks and you get to dive on it.

Discretion being the better part of valor, and the good captain not wanting to lose his boat or us divers in a storm, the awesome lineup of three wrecks at an average depth of 100 feet was cancelled this morning when 4 foot swells were reported with even nastier storms and waves coming in. Drat.

The wrecks: Checotah (possibly the most sunk vessel in the Great Lakes - 4 sinkings and three name changes), The Col. A.B. Williams and the New York, none of which I've dove before.

Luckily they'll still be there when the weather clears and we can get out and try them again. Hopefully soon.

Instead we did Union Lake for a 70 minute dive to burn up the 32% Nitrox mix in the stage bottle I rented from the shop along with Rob and Keith. A good dive, but Union Lake with its sunken speedboats is a far cry from the Great lakes and Great Wrecks of Lake Huron.


Murphy's Law said...

Real Navy SEALs would have dove despite the storm...and STILL got bin Laden.

Aaron said...

Thankfully for me, I've never pretended, nor ever claimed to be a Navy SEAL, nor played one on TV.

Scott said...

But Charlie Sheen played one on TV. Do you think he would have gone out? (vbg)