Monday, May 02, 2011


Making my day this morning I just found out that Osama Bin Ladin is now Resting in Hell (hence the catchy header).

Nicely done Seal Team 6.

My only criticism is why the heck was the body buried at sea "in accordance with Islamic custom, which requires speedy burial".

As tons of Islamists and Al-Qaeda types are going to claim he's not dead but just resting somewhere. His body needed to be brought to the US and his head put on a pike at Ground Zero to assure all that he is in fact toast.

Putting a head on a pike ensured in the good old days that no pretenders to the dead outlaw could arise claiming to be him, and besides it would have been quite a fitting act of closure to his worst act of terorrism.

Other than that we'll give this an A for effort and result, and we'll give the Obama Administration credit for the guts to authorize it.


Scott said...

Sorry to be the spelling police on this, but you have a glaring error in vowel usage.

The correct word is ROASTING, not RESTING.

And I hope his burial at sea consisted of shoving a pound of bacon up his backside and kicking him out the back of a Hercules at 30,000 ft somewhere over the ocean.

NE said...

We didn't put his head on a pike because this wasn't about vengence, it was about justice.

Aaron said...


OBL's head on a pike isn't for vengeance, it is so there's no possible claim that the scumbag is not dead.

A body buried at sea is hard to recover when the next Islamist wacko claims to be OBL and alleges there's no proof hes really dead.

NE said...

A lot of these guys don't even believe the Holocaust happened, you really think they'd trust some pictures put up by the Great Satan? Also he was shot in the head so there may not be much left to visually identify.

I wish we could have taken OBL alive. I'm concerned about making the jerk a martyr.

Expatriate Owl said...

Yes, impaling OBL's head on a pike at Ground Zero would have been the ideal disposition of his body (followed by incineration at high temperatures with pig carcasses). But the crowd control and security problems would be very daunting.

On second thought, maybe if they would have hacked off various body parts and auctioned them off, then New York's deficit might be substantially lessened if not eliminated.

In all seriousness, I understand that burial at sea precludes making a shrine of his grave. But why did they have to pollute the water with such a toxic substance?

Aaron said...

NE: Better dead than alive as an attractant for future hostage takings and terror threats made to ensure his possible release.

Expatriate Owl: I'm beginning to wonder if one of the people involved in the Op was an Italian New Yorker with a fititng sense of theatrics: OBL is now "sleeping with the fishes".

Scott said...

NE has hit upon the underlying fact that these al quaida (however you spell it) are not interested in facts. Their denial of the objective fact of the holocaust indicates the level of their delusion.

The implication of this is that we cannot reason with or somehow win them over to our way of thinking if we are just nicer to them, or more tolerant of their ways, or whatever other way you want to try and be friends with them.

When people get that fanatical, and they are at war with you, it's kill or be killed. What the other side thinks of you or their dead leaders is irrelevant.