Friday, May 20, 2011

If you run, you only die splattered.....

Yet another example of why running from the police is just a dumb and often fatal idea.

Lansing college student dies on I-96 after 140-m.p.h. motorcycle ride, crash into cop car

A 20-year-old Lansing Community College student was killed when his motorcycle struck the back of a patrol car during a high-speed police chase on I-96 in Livingston County early today.
The fleeing deceased's speed during the chase reached at least a clocked 114 mph and since he easily outran police cruisers doing 127 mph they figure he was doing 140 mph! The guy had no record and obviously no reason to flee police.

At 140 mph (heck even at 114 mph) on a motorcycle your margin for error is zero, and he slipped outside the margin with fatal consequences. Its a damn shame the man is dead for a stupid reason.

Look, when the flashing lights come on behind you, it means the game is over.

Come to a stop, take your ticket and fine like a man. You're speeding, you got caught and the ticket is the cost. Deal with the consequences and get on with your life.

Fleeing adds criminal charges that are far more serious than your initial speeding offence to the mix, and you run the risk of losing your life. Neither criminal charges nor death offer an improved result over what's going to happen if you just pull over.

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