Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dive # 177 One Dive Over Two Days

We got into Union Lake on May 6 and got out on May 7.

Crossing midnight underwater was kinda cool. Visibility was excellent. There was a ton of mudpuppies to be seen and quite a few very large fish. The water was calm, not a boat to be seen and Keith, Chad and I had a great dive. I had my heated best on and it worked very nicely so I was not feeling cold during the dive. We saw the various boasts including the farther off north boat. The dive felt pretty good, but I'm unconsciously waving my right hand while diving which is a habit I need to break, but other than that the five was great with good control.

The details:

Time: 45 minutes
Max depth: 40 feet
Water temperature: 50 degrees
Gas consumption: 700 psi.

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