Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Need A Break From The Boring Wuhan-Flupocalypse?

Basically, this was Coronavirus was just not the apocalypse we were promised:

It's been a disappointment to most of my readers that this current apocalypse lacks zombies or at least some face-eating monkeys, I'm sure.

Anyways, in between chores around the house, you can watch proper zombie apocalypse movies, including some on YouTube for free:

Daylight's End is a fun little Zombie Apocalypse movie from 2016 with some pretty decent gun handling:

Quite good and realistic firearms handling, complete with reloading and people actually running out of ammo. The gun handling is good, as it should be as interestingly enough, both James Yeager and Sonny Puzikas (Both known and famous or perhaps infamous firearms trainers, depending on your point of view) have quite visible roles in the film.

Impressively in this film, the survivors are not complete morons.

It's not a masterpiece of a movie by any means, but hey, it's free, has some good gun work, and Murphy will like the M1A's starring role, and it is a quality time waster not requiring much grey matter to process. Basically it's brain candy that you shouldn't think about too much but just sit back and enjoy the zombie-blastin'.

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