Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ouch, That Sign Hit 'Em Right In The Intersectionality

Whoever did this is an absolute genius at heightening the contradictions inherent among the Progressive Left.

Red State: Flyers Stating “Islam Is Right About Women” Causes Media To Have A Narrative Crisis

Read the whole thing, and then sit back and admire the gumption of whoever put up these signs, and the cognitive dissonance among the leftists it has caused.

Reporters have noted that residents are confused about these flyers, not knowing whether to be offended, or if indeed it is even permissible to be offended by them:

Boston 25: 'Islam is right about women': Odd signs spark confusion in local town

After all, could you as a progressive even decide and openly proclaim what part of this poster offends you?

If it is Islam's well-known treatment of women that offends you, you're obviously a terrible Islamophobe.

But, if you're offended because you believe Islam is right in how it treats women, then your pro-feminist credentials are suspect. Very, very suspect, and you're clearly a male chauvinist pig - that's not halal either.

Genius, I tell you, sheer genius.

The only improvement one can hope for is the person(s) post it elsewhere than on public signs so they can't be so easily removed for being in an unlawful spot.

Whoever did this needs to post signs saying "Islam Is Right About LGBTQ" and watch progressive cognitive dissonance whiplash go up to 11.


drjim said...


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Why stop there?

Islam is Right About Gay People

Flugelman said...

Genius, it is...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Genius...Sheer Genius!!, it will be difficult for the apologist for islam to say anything....LOL

Old NFO said...

Oh... loving it!