Saturday, September 21, 2019

Aircraft Wash, Wax, And Some Hot Cars

Today was the club's wash and wax day.

Planes got scrubbed, rinsed, and then waxed to a shine.

Clean planes actually do fly a bit faster, plus cleaning them is a good opportunity for all the club members to come together and meet up.

Then got to see some of the cars belonging to the club members, or which were in their control.

A nice Mustang

A couple Corvettes:

And the new, literally just unwrapped from the camouflage wraps, 2020 Corvette Stingray:

To say this is a beast of a car is an understatement.

Open the hood and the lack of an engine is a bit jarring,

It's in the middle of the car, leaving some room for a trunk.

The interior is nice too, very comfy form-fitting seats, and the rear-view mirror isn't a mirror at all, rather it is a screen for a camera.

It certainly drew a lot of lookers at the airport and we all got to look it over, sit in and admire it.

The engine just purrs and it's a darn sweet automobile. I think GM has come out with one heckuva winner here.

Good to have a club member with some connections.

A fun morning getting some planes clean and admiring some nice cars.


drjim said...

There's a 2020 Corvette out in the wild?

WoW.....I didn't know these were being delivered. I've got two friends who have them on order, and are *very* patiently waiting.

It's _almost_ enough to make me sell my Supra, dump all my radio gear, and pony up for one!

Either that or the 1967 327/350/4-speed coupe I've had my eye on.....

B said...

What brand of wax do y'all use?

Old NFO said...

Good looking cars, and boys and their toys... LOL

Aaron said...

drjim: Not sure if its considered in the wild or on a short leash. Fellow that brought it along works for GM and was on the Stingray project, so he may have gotten first dibs.

It's darn tempting, that's for sure.

B: We use Brillianize. It's pink colored spray on wax that works amazingly. The club has bought and stocked gallons of it but it doesn't take much to really shine up and protect the plane after you're done cleaning it.

Old NFO: That's for sure, they've got some very nice toys.