Saturday, September 07, 2019

HK P30SK - 2,001 And Done

With a beautiful day expected this morning, Leah and I headed to the range. It was high time to finish off the P30SK 2,000 round test.

251 rounds fired through the P30SK with zero malfunctions or issues of any kind. This include 201 rounds of Remington 115 grain FMJ and 50 rounds of Winchester Ranger 147 grain hollow points.

So that's 2,001 rounds fired through with one malfunction due to an ammunition defect, not to the pistol itself, and no lubrication or cleaning since the shooting of the rounds began.

In short, it's a nice compact carry firearm, and nicely accurate.

The hammer allows you to safely holster it while appendix carrying by putting your thumb on the hammer while holstering, preventing any mistakes while doing so.

The LEM trigger does take getting used to compared to a striker-fired pistol, but once you figure out the trigger pull you can hit your targets nicely.

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