Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Seriously New York Times? Really?

If one thought no one could top Ilhan Omar's remark that 9/11 was a matter of "Some people did something", the New York Times was up to the challenge.

Tweeted by them today:

From "Some People" to "Some Airplanes".

That's a quite a way for the NYT to mark the 9/11 attack in its own hometown.

It's interesting to see how the left view Islamic Terrorists as having no agency, even as they committed the worst terrorist attack on our soil in history, nor being responsible for their actions.



Jeff B said...

"... 2000 people died."


Not "Murdered".

Not "Slaughtered".

Aaron said...

Jeff B: Yep, that too. Again, it's a very "cute" way to disassociate the perpetrators from the event on their part.

Murphy's Law said...

Meanwhile, across the street, Ilhan Omar was holding a memorial for her 19 fallen personal heroes.

I got thrown off of TWO news sites for posting that. But the anti-Trumpers and conspiracy nuts have been allowed to ruin practically every discussion on 9/11.

Old NFO said...

2900+ were murdered THAT DAY, and many more first responders have died since.