Monday, September 16, 2019

Israel Day 4: The Dead Sea

We headed down the highway and on our way to the Dead Sea we passed by Masada.

More on Masada in just a bit.

We arrived at the Dead Sea, one of the lowest places on earth, and checked into our hotel and then headed to the sea.

The Dead Sea is about 30% salt and other minerals.

Looking at the bottom, you sea a layer of crystallized salt above the sandy bottom. Walking in is a bit harsh on the feet, but the water is like a very warm to almost hot bath temperature wise.

A Few Important notes on the Dead Sea:

1. It tastes awful. Really, really awful.

2. If you have any cuts or scrapes, the Dead Sea will find and remind you of each and every one.

3. If you get Dead Sea water in your eyes, you will have a burning desire to wash them out, fast.

4. You really can't swim in it. Any attempts at a front stroke will leave you looking like an off-balanced monkey having relations with a football. Paddling out on your back is the way to go.

But once you get out into the water it is magical.

You float effortlessly. You can have your hands and feet out of the water and you don't sink. Its warm, soothing and like relaxing in the finest spa. Its also a lot of fun as you can try but you can't sink even with both hands and feet out of the water and you just enjoy floating around in this amazing sea.

It's incredibly relaxing to soak in the Dead Sea.

Some people at the hotel to the spa and covered themselves in Dead Sea mud which is supposed to be great for the skin. I will say we all felt great after bathing in the Dead Sea, nice and refreshed and it was a really unique and great experience.

Then dinner at the hotel, which was excellent buffet-style and then we easily fell asleep after a big hot day.

Next stop: Masada.

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Old NFO said...

You DEFINITELY don't want to leave that salt on for any length of time... :-) Nice views through!