Friday, December 15, 2017

Of Snow And Muppets

Of course it snowed yet again, this time before and during the drive home. I made it up the Driveway of Doom™, covered in about a half inch of snow, complete with a bit of a skid on the way up but powered through and made it to the garage.

I then got out ye trusty snowblower and cleaned it off, loaded the kids in the car along with a couple dishes and made it down well enough and headed to a holiday party, with Tash to meet us there.

Had a good time there and then I brought the kids home while Tash stayed to chat with some friends.

On the way back though, I had a bit of an issue. A couple of muppets (Murphy's trademarked phrase for douche bags of this type) had parked their SUVs directly across from each other -- In the road -- and not exactly hugging the side. This made getting through rather challenging and involved opening the windows to push their mirrors out of the way not to mention folding mine. It was tight but I made it through without swapping paint and I noted both cars were more expensive than mine at the time. Had I gone around it would have involved a rather long and stupid detour as they were about 400 yards from my house and backtracking and going around in the snow for no good reason would have sucked.

Walking the dog a bit later that same way, I noticed another car at that location who similarly tried to get through. He probably wouldn't have made it and didn't want to try especially as his car was without a doubt a newer and more expensive model than mine. Much more expensive. Instead he honked angrily to no avail. Then he did finally get out and rearranged the muppets' windshield wiper blades for them, which was awfully considerate of him I'd say considering their clear lack of consideration. Then he reversed away having to do one heckuva detour from that spot. I'm sure the idiots enjoyed their new wiper blade alignment and I can't say that I blame that driver at all.

Parking directly across from another car is pretty dumb on our relatively narrow streets at the best of times. Doing it in the winter and being both in the roadway fully leaving a lack of room to get through is just darn inconsiderate and will likely result in undesired things happening to your vehicle whether by accident or intent from the people you are inconveniencing with your stupidity.


B said...

THey make tire valve loosening tools.

Just sayin'. And in my state it isn't vandalism.


Another trick that I have read about is, in cold weather, using a hose to make sure the cars, especially the doors, have a protective coating of ice on them. Like several inches thick.

I, of course, would never do such a thing.

But I have found that people never are inconsiderate again.

OldAFSarge said...

Murph calls 'em Muppets? While I have a stronger term which I tend to use, a lot, Muppet might be wife-safe. If you know what I mean.

Unknown said...

I've lived places where the fire-department gets very serious very quickly if they learn that their path to homes in their service area has been blocked.

Like every occupied house in the road getting a pair of burly men knocking and ringing the bell until someone answers, regardless of the hour, with a stern lecture about the importance of keeping the road clear even if that household does not contain the offending parties.

And tow trucks. Very quickly. It's like they have then on speed-dial.

Murphy's Law said...

I've been culturally appropriated! Quick--someone call a millennial to cry about it for me as I can't quite muster up the required righteous outrage.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Good term that doesn't offend like the word"douche canoe" might. I do know that a pair of dikes er excuse me..."alternative Lifestyle pliers" work well on valve stems and of course the water on the doors and locks do work well. I have never done these things mind you....I am just aware of them ;)

Old NFO said...

Yep, Fire department. They WILL get them moved...

Nuke Road Warrior said...

"Yep, Fire department. They WILL get them moved.."

As will road clearing crews, tow charge, fine, having to recover your vehicle from the impound yard, and dealing with the friendly denizens therein. Unless they just decide to move them with the snow plow.

Harry Flashman said...

Stupid, inconsiderate and self absorbed people make stressful situations like travelling in snow, worse for everyone. The fewer people around you, the better off you are.