Saturday, December 09, 2017

First Snow Of Winter

Ah, the first winter’s day of snow.

The feeling of schadenfreude watching people in their cars slipping and sliding through intersections due to forgetting the basic laws of physics. Simultaneously having the feeling of concern as they’re slipping towards YOU.

People spinning out in a small amount of snow when panic braking as they don’t understand the concept of slick surfaces and increased braking distance. Your 4-wheel drive may help you go, but it doesn’t help you come to a quick stop, and momentum from a larger vehicle can indeed be momentous.

Drive safe out there, and put the darn phone down and focus on your driving, ok? You’re just not as good a driver in snow as you think.

The first snowfall of the season has happened and people have completely forgotten how to drive in it. It's a lovely wet and very slippery snowfall of about an inch, custom designed to mess up the roads nicely. The roads are indeed a mess with nary a snowplow in sight and getting to a meeting this morning was an experience.

Good thing this was on a weekend as having the first snowfall in a morning rush hour would have been extremely bad. Winter is officially here, and so is winter driving season.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

I notice the high dollar Beemers and Mercedes still slide into the poles like the Fords and the Chevy's, LOL

juvat said...

One small quibble.
"You’re just not as good a driver as you think." Fixed it for you.