Monday, December 04, 2017

New Orleans Day 3 - The Lights Are Calling

After the swamp, we rested and then prepared for further festivities.

First we met up with a friend of Murph's and went to Buffa's Bar and Restaurant where while they had some burgers, I had an alligator etouffe that was simply out of this world. An Abita Amber accompanied it for pure New Orleans perfection.

The bar also had important evacuation proceedures posted:

Then we headed off to the Celebration of The Oaks.

It was a glorious holiday light show with displays aplenty.

Being New Orleans, a Christmas display was simply not complete without a crawfish.

This was part of a catchy musical display The 12 Yats of Christmas. Certainly not a typical rendition. Yats sound like a bunch of New Yorkers who moved to New Orleans. That song will get seriously stuck in your head if you click that link. You have been warned.

 Other musically interactive ones drew onlookers like moths to a flame.

There was also a very nice Hanukkah lights display.

Mr. Bingle was also there:

There was also a huge toy train display that caught Murphy's intense interest. After all, who doesn't love toy trains?   Yep there had been some adult beverages involved on the way to the display.

 After thoroughly examining every display we headed of to the First and Last Stop bar for more drinks and came across a neat part of New Orleans culture.  Mardi Gras Indians.

The Monogram Hunters tribe were in the bar practicing for Mardi Gras.

Very cool to see and they were very, very good.   Quite a unique  look into a not very well known part of New Orleans culture.

That was one heckuva night,  Now off to this day's adventure.


Keads said...

You two have fun! Wish I could have been there.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy! You WILL see things there you won't see anywhere else!