Friday, December 01, 2017

Arrival In The Big Easy

It was good flight from Michigan to New Orleans today. TSA PRE worked like a charm for zipping through an otherwise lengthy line and The Spirit flight was quite good. While the passengers may often and did again in this case cause Spirit to earnnits nickname “The Greyhound of the Sky” it was not a bad flight at least until we got to land.

The pilot bounced it in. A few very nice solid bounces they were, too. See Mr. B., even the pros don’t do a perfect landing every time.

hilariously enough, the stewardess on landing Said “Welome to Detr— wait where we at? Welcome to New Orleans” and so we were.

Met up with Murph and so the New Orleans 2017 Adventure begins.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Have fun in New Orleans, Say High to Murph and displaced Louisiana guy. We do expect postings...

ProudHillbilly said...

I had it when the wings wag on a bounce. Visions of catching the tip and thar she goes. Reason 1 million and 1 why I don't fly anymore.

B said...

And yesterday, arriving back at Ohare, the dude greased a 321 in with a gusty 20 degree crosswind. Smoother than I can do a 172.

Ya never know.

Aaron said...

MrGarabaldi: Postings you shall have, and yes, I'm letting Murph drive.

PH: It was fun.

B: Yep the pros can do pretty nice landings, but even pros can have an off landing, leaving hope for the rest of us amateurs.

B said...

When I can do it right 10 times in a row, then I will be happy. Until then, I ain't done.