Sunday, December 03, 2017

New Orleans Day 2 - Part The Third - The Krewe of Krampus

As night fell it was time to head to another parade.

A newer event in New Orleans, the Krampus parade was small yet feisty.

It's not a parade without some drums.

Krapmus takes away the naughty children.

Krampus considered if this one was naughty or nice, or nicely naughty.

The parade was small enough that we watched it to the end, then zipped forward to get ahead of it and saw the entire thing again a little farther down the parade route.

Afterwards we went to Red's Chinese restaurant - Chinese food with a very New Orleans flair - the New Orleans culinary Holy Trinity of onion, bell peppers and celery was present in each dish and it was quite eclectic and very tasty. I had the dirty rice and it was excellent. Many drinks were also consumed there and then we hit the French Quarter for some bar hopping and more drinks were consumed.

Including a New Orleans favorite - a Hurricane.

Not bad, I must say and not as strong as I expected.

Then on our bar hopping we happened across a member of the Krewe of Krampus.

Even a Krampus needs a cold one after a hard night's paradin' and rounding up the naughty children.

That was a very full day indeed.

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