Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 - A Fun Wisecracking Romp Of A Film

Leah really wanted to go see Guardians of The Galaxy 2 because Baby Groot.

So she and I went last Saturday to see it, in 3D to get the full experience. We practically had the theater to ourselves for the afternoon matinee and had the best seats in the house.

It was a fun action movie with a bit of spicy language, but nothing a ten-year-old with a decent vocabulary who has been in the car during traffic can't handle.

Leah informed me that she had, after all, heard the S word before and they were neat enough in the movie to consistently shorten one swear word down as you'll hear in the trailer. To say its a rockin' good movie where every actor is clearly enjoying themselves and putting on a good show would be an understatement. Leah had no problem keeping up with the irony and sarcasm in the film which is a bit of a scary sign in and of itself.

Lots of action, plenty of Groot time, and fun for the whole family and worth seeing.

On arriving home when Tash asked her how it was, she replied "I am Groot!"


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

That is a good movie from what I heard, I watch the first installment again to refresh myself before I see the 2nd installment.

Aaron said...

Its a good one. I'd say even better than the first as the cast really gels in this one and since you already have the backstory it flows much better. Worth seeing in the theater.