Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Keep Your Laser Away From Planes In The Sky, Or To Prison You May Fly

The Detroit Free Press: Gov. Snyder signs bills to make pointing laser at planes a crime

Considering the number of laser strikes on aircraft in Michigan, and the dangers they cause, it's appropriate that this is now a crime at the state level, allowing local county prosecutors to prosecute it rather than wait on the feds who tend to have limited resources for these matters.

A few of my pilot friends have been smacked by lasers while flying at night and it's not fun. Thankfully none were on short final at the time. Typically, it's some doofus playing with their laser pointer, but there is a real concern it may be done by some bad actors intentionally to try and interfere with an aircraft.

Considering that the laser may cause permanent damage, including blindness, and can result in a momentary loss of vision and control of the aircraft, making it a crime to stop people doing stupid things that endanger others in the sky and on the ground makes good sense.

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B said...

Just to point something out:

A Laser Pointer will not cause permanent damage nor blindness. There ARE lasers that will, and they can be very dangerous. But a laser pointer can at best momentarily blind a pilot (not an insignificance!) and cause disorientation.

Other lasers can be dangerous though.