Thursday, May 25, 2017

Field Daze: The Javelin Throw

This afternoon was field day for the 4th and 5th graders at school. Depending on who you asked, I had either volunteered or been voluntold to come in and assist.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy day so it had to be held in the large gymnasium at the school.

So I showed up after getting some work done in the morning and got to choose what to do.

Being in charge of the javelins throwing event looked promising. After all sharp objects, hyper-active kids, what could go wrong?

Well, once I got to the javelin station, the javelins were a little underwhelming.

Sigh, I guess for elementary school they have to reduce some of the risk.

The Duct-taped tennis balls on the tops of the pool noodles did give them some heft and interesting flight characteristics. Some of the kids were able to throw them more than halfway across the basketball court markings.

Overall not a bad time.

While at times running groups of kids through was very similar to herding cats. Getting the kids to line up with the javelins and making sure they didn't smack each other or other kids doing other events with the "javelins" and that no, they weren't light sabers was a full time endeavor.

All the kids had fun and the couple hours running the javelin station passed by quickly. Good times had by all, and Leah was very happy I came to help out.

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