Monday, May 01, 2017


The Heckler and Koch Booth was positively jammed all throughout the show.

It finally cleared out enough for me to take a couple quick shots as the show was closing on Saturday and they began rolling out the tape to seal off the booths.

Everyone throughout the day had been crowded around the pistol H&K fans had been clamoring for awhile for them to produce: the VP9SK.

H&K listened to the demand, apparently decided that you don't in fact suck, and the VP9SK is now released to the US Market:

Think a VP9 now P30SK-sized but striker fired with all the H&K grip modification options. It comes with a ten round magazine and of course has the ability to take both full sized VP9 mags and the sightly more compact 13 round USP compact magazine which when used gives it about a Glock 19 overall size.

It fits my hand unsurprisingly just like my P30SK.

The trigger feels just like the one on the VP9 - one of the best striker fired triggers out there.

I expect they'll sell quite well to the H&K fans wanting a striker-fired compact and to others looking for a high quality concealed carry firearm.

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