Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Flying Lesson #119 - You Would Think....

Finally the winds were calm, the sky clear, weather perfect. You would think today would be the day for things to happen.

I had Hunter as an instructor and he said "Ray said to do some patterns with you and solo you assuming you're doing ok."

Ha ha. As frickin if.

So I do a good preflight, startup etc, and start the first pattern.

Oh, I forgot to mention - Runway 27L is closed so jets and everyone is using 27 R and it's a flying circus up there today.

Every pattern is non-standard due to tower trying and actually doing a good job of managing the traffic which has biz jets, multi props, trainers and idiots that can't seem to follow directions today.

I get to do a modified power off 180 when tower requests I bring it in real close, which was fun. I get to do an intersection takeoff, elongated downwinds a plenty and a tower required go round to help manage traffic. Not a single pattern was standard, but I'm doing it all myself. Decent landings, some float from the winds or excess airspeed from sudden in tight instructions, but no issues.

I'm doing fine but Hunter stated he could not solo me in these traffic conditions. He did say he's going to tell whoever is doing the next lesson to solo me.

Of course, weather is predicted to go to crap the rest of the week.

1.6 and 11 landings and a go round.

Shoulda worn a hachimaki. FMFL.

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