Sunday, April 03, 2016

Why Do Anti-Gun Democrat Politicians Keep Commiting Crimes?

While the Rolling Stones may have famously sang that "Just as every cop is a criminal", they likely could hardly have imagined "every Prosecutor a Pimp".

Then again, they likely hadn't had any encounter with Michigan's Ingham County Democrat anti-gun prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III.

Lansing State Journal: Stuart Dunnings' political future unclear after charges

Dunnings, 63, faces one felony charge of pandering and 14 misdemeanor charges, including 10 of engaging a prostitute. The pandering count — enticing another person to become a prostitute — is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Pandering as in inducing a woman to engage in prostitution as reported by

It seems like an awful lot of the claims that anti-gunners make about gun owners, whether claims that gun owners are violent or criminals or such, is just projection of their own natures. Mr. Dunnings, essentially a prosecutor-for-life in solidly Democrat Ingham County, has quite the track record of being against law abiding citizens having firearms.

Allegedly Prosecutor Dunnings was a very good client of a sex trafficking ring.

Apparently he was quite the regular patron, and at one point

allegedly using his position to coerce a woman who came to him for help with a child custody case to have sex with him for money, according to court records.

Do note this is not just anyone doing such a reprehensible deed. This is a county prosecutor, someone who prosecuted people for the very wrong acts he committed, likely at the very same time he was doing them himself. That there's a credible allegation that he as a prosecutor used his office to entice someone to engage in prostitution is rather shocking. One would think a prosecutor of all people should know better and act better.

Then again as a Democrat politician, perhaps he simply thought he could get away with shifting from screwing people wholesale to retail.

One can note that Mr. Dunnings is endorsed for reelection by: United Auto Workers, Fraternal Order of Police, Greater Lansing Labor Council (AFL-CIO), and the Michigan Education Association.

Now that he will resign effective July 2, methinks they'll be pulling their endorsements considering these revelations.

Yet another illegal combatant in the actual war on women.

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Display Name said...

As a Dem politician / prosecutor, I would think this would be featured on his resume or a career enhancer for him. He should be measured for his gold tooth and pimpin' cane any day now.