Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Revolving Doors Of Justice Hit The Public Once Again

Unsurprisingly, the latest murder to hit the news in Pontiac is a repeat offender.

Sadly it is also not surprising that he was out and about after repeat parole violations when he should have been in jail after the first such violation. He was absconding from parole when he committed his latest murder. Yes, his latest, he was previously in prison on a plea for manslaughter.

The Detroit News: Parolee accused of suffocating woman a serial absconder

Apparently having removed his tether three times, there was finally a warrant out for his arrest but not before he went ahead and apparently strangled his girlfriend Marie Elizabeth Colburn, 30, and shoved her body in a closet. So much for the safety and savings resulting from letting criminals wander around on tethers.

Wiley has quite the impressive criminal history - Manslaughter in 2004, Home Invasion in 2012, Controlled substance delivery/manufacturing in 2000 and Controlled substance possession in 200, plus all the times he got to skate on the parole violations.

Allowing Kevin Jermaine Wiley to be out free to commit more crimes and then failing on multiple occasions to put him back in jail after he had violated parole led to yet another person being killed. Expect this to be defended as just another "mistake that was made" or "failure of the system" while the governor and various criminal interest groups goes full steam ahead on the presumptive parole policy to release yet more dangerous criminals out onto the streets.

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