Thursday, April 14, 2016

Perhaps Because Gun Owners Are Better Behaved?

The Detroit News: Democrats: Ban guns, allow signs in Michigan Capitol

In Michigan's Capitol building, guns may be lawfully carried, signs may not and this has some rather gun-phobic anti-gun Democrats riled up.

Two state House Democrats on Wednesday announced legislation seeking to ban firearms in state government buildings but allow political signs in those places.

The proposal would reverse longstanding rules at the Michigan Capitol, where signs are banned but guns are allowed.

The article goes on to note that signs are banned not due to politics, but due to the damage that has been caused by protesters with the sticks the signs are mounted upon.

No such damage by law abiding gun owners has been reported.

Yet more noise by anti-gun Democrats who never saw a gun ban they didn't like. This is especially so to ban guns where the presence of such in the hands of law abiding citizens in and around the state capitol have never caused a problem. Thankfully, the proposed legislation is likely going nowhere due to the Republican majority in the House and Senate and Governor's office.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Sorta funny - I always refuse to carry a sign during the March For Life because I'm convinced I'll poke somebody's eye out with the stick.