Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Detroit Chalks Up Another Drug Related Murder In A Big Way

Apparently not only does nothing good happens in Detroit after midnight, but if you're involved in the drug trade in any fashion it can go bad even earlier in the evening.

The Detroit News: Teen dead after man shoots at car in Detroit
According to police, four of the five victims lived in Grosse Pointe while the fifth lived in Detroit.
“At approximately 9:10 p.m., we received a call about four teenagers being shot in the area of Charlevoix and Philip,” said Deputy Chief Renee Hall in an interview to Fox 2 News.
“We found approximately 30 shell casings in that area... which is very desolate. The victims reported they were in that area attempting to find the brother of one of the victims.”
According to Hall, the survivors said they had pulled over to smoke some marijuana when a black man driving a tan Cadillac approached their vehicle.
Apparently police are currently questioning their story and don't think this was a random shooting or that they were just looking for someone's brother, but it's too early to tell.

It appears the shooter used a rifle and was firing very quickly and one witness claimed it was fully automatic, which if true is certainly double-plus illegal indeed.

In short stopping to smoke marijuana in a desolate part of Detroit is never a good idea nor is doing anything else drug-related in a crime-ridden area of a very crime-ridden city.

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