Thursday, December 11, 2014

Barbara Boxer - Shocked, Simply Shocked To Find That ISIL Mistreats Women

CNS News: 'Disgusting': Sen. Boxer Shocked to Hear About ISIL's Sexual Abuse of Women
At a hearing on ISIL in Iraq and Syria on Tuesday, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) expressed shock and dismay about a news report detailing the terrorists' enslavement and sexual abuse of women and girls.
Boxer told a State Department human rights official that her staffers had just handed her "the most shocking article" -- in Q&A format -- describing the circumstances in which non-Muslim women and girls may be taken captive and raped by ISIL.
"This is disgusting stuff," Boxer told Tom Malinowski, an assistant secretary for democracy, human rights and labor at the State Department. She asked Malinowski to verify if the report was true. "If this is real, people need to understand this," she said.
"So, this kind of thing is absolutely real," Malinowski responded. "These things are happening. We have seen Daesh (ISIL) put out on its social media, on its Web site...these kinds of justifications before. It just shows the degree of depravity and just the baseness of the ideology that is at the heart of this..."
I'm simply shocked that it took her this long to be shocked.

Remember, she's a Senator and Chair of the frickin' Senate Foreign Relations Committee and so supposedly well informed on world affairs and on top of things like ISIL.  It's not like this is new information or anything.

Sadly, it appears she was far more focused on the domestic faux-war-on-women than the real one happening in the Levant.

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