Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Very Wrong Way To Inform Police You Have A Gun

The Detroit Free Press: One dead after shooting involving Lansing Twp. officer
Tyrell Washington burst into his girlfriend's house and shouted, "They killed my man! They killed my homeboy!"
The man Washington was referring to, whose name and age were not released by police, was shot and killed in the first officer-involved shooting in the township in at least two decades, officials said.
But Washington – who said he was driving the vehicle pulled over by police – said his friend was killed while trying to show police he was carrying a firearm so police weren't surprised by it. Washington, 24, said his friend had his hands raised with the gun in the air, "Like, 'I got a gun on me.' He was showing them."
Washington said he saw his friend raise his hands, heard police yell twice to drop the weapon and then without delay heard, "Pop! Pop!" Then he saw his friend slump forward.
 Sure he was just doing it to show it to them. Any takers on the bet that the recently deceased "homeboy" lacked a CPL for the firearm?

Somehow I don't think the refrain of "Guns Up, Don't Shoot" will catch on any time soon.

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