Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Detroit Rabble-Rouser Davis Pleads Guilty To Felonies, Goes On To Sue Yet Again

The Detroit Free Press: Davis can sue Detroit council over Orr tenure deal.

As usual, the Freep calls him a "Labor Activist" rather than the far more accurate "Democrat Felon".

Note that Robert Davis is rather infamous around these parts for filing tons of lawsuits on technical grounds to procedurally mess with Republicans and certain Democrat sub-groups in the State. Meanwhile, as part of the Michigan Democrat Deep Blue State corruption craze, he busily ripped off the Highland Park School District while a member of the school board there to the tune of over $180,000, and he's now pled guilty to that crime, but still continues his many lawsuits.

One begins to wonder who Davis is really working for and how deep into Michigan's core blue state he goes to get his marching orders.

So, has The Detroit Free Press done any digging into who is backing Robert Davis and paying this felon's legal bills on these multitude of quixotic lawsuits? These lawsuits that just coincidentally are done for the benefit of core Democrat constituencies? The same constituencies that are supported by the Freep? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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Murphy's Law said...

My suspicion is that he's probably backed by those nimrods on the Right MI website who pretend to be conservative while supporting Democrats over any GOP candidate that runs for anything.

Only problem with that theory is that most of the Right MI guys seem to be on welfare of some sort and as such, they likely lack the funds to keep Davis going.