Friday, September 05, 2014

Bus Encounters Of The Mainstreamed Special Needs Kind

Abby had a very unfortunate and frightening incident on the bus home from school yesterday.

She and her friend, both 5th graders, sat down near the front of the bus as they're the first stop off.

A male 7th grader with "special needs" came on and told them that was his seat.

There are no assigned seats on the bus, and apparently the bus driver told him there are no assigned seats and to just sit down and he then put the bus in motion.

The kid then starts screaming at them, gets in their faces, and yells at them to get out of his seat.

At this point they're trapped in the seat with him blocking them.

Abby being diplomatic tries to reason with him and says she and her friend will be off the bus in a minute and they can't change seats because the bus is moving. Her friend also says she's not moving.

The kid then screams at them raises his fist at them, spits at them, calls Abby the "B-" word, calls them both "F-A" words and Abby learns an unfortunate new word she's never heard before.

You see, Abby's friend is black and the 7th grader called her the N-word.

The kid is still out of control and says he's going to break their necks and kill them and kill everyone on the bus. At least one other kid in addition to Abby and her friend heard this.

At this point Abby flips out, gets scared and as soon as the bus arrives at their stop gets away and races off along with her friend.

We call the principal as soon as we found out what happened.

The principal immediately knows the identity of the kid involved and apparently he's an asperger kid well on the autistic side of the spectrum that was previously riding one of the special buses but wanted to go on the regular bus.

Mainstreaming special needs kids can be fine, but mainstreaming violent ones without notifying other parents or apparently notifying the bus driver is not ok.

If this was a normal kid my bet under zero tolerance is he would be at least suspended if not expelled for the threats and the assault of putting his fist in their face and spitting on them.

We will see what if anything the administration does about this, but this sure isn't over, nor are we letting it drop.

Update: As of now, per the principal, the boy will no longer be on the bus. They had a discussion with him and he apparently admitted doing everything, apparently because they were in "his" seat. It's highly likely the boy doesn't even register who they are as people so there should be no repercussions or further events, but we'll keep on eye on things.


Murphy's Law said...

You tell that principal that I'll be on my way up there if he doesn't do right by Abby.

Aaron said...

Thanks, I know that I can count on you when it matters.

juvat said...

I'm not a lawyer nor have I played one on TV (and I realize you are), but it seems to me that since the principal has been notified of a potential for violence, any further incidents leave the principal personally liable for those incidents for failing to take proper precautions. At least that was the case down here in somewhat similar circumstances. Knowledge of that, might shape their decisions.

Old NFO said...

I'd make a formal complaint to get it on record...

Aaron said...

Juvat: They are on notice as tot he incident. Not sure how Michigan law looks at overall liability. On the upside they responded immediately, took it seriously and dealt with it. So far so good.

Old NFO: Yes, we asked the principal to document the incident and I'm quite sure they did. I was rather impressed with how responsive the administration was in dealing with it. This should handle it, but if any further incidents arise then we take it to the next legal level.