Saturday, September 20, 2014

Now That Was A Fun Way To Spend A Saturday

Just back from taking the kids to The Adventure Park in West Bloomfield.

Best way to describe it - think challenging aerial obstacle courses and zip-lining. Did I mention it's all up in the air?

Take a look at their promo video:

If you had a fear of heights, this course helped you get over it. If you needed a workout, this park gave you one, in spades.

Lots of upper body work was involved, lots of balance work, lower body strength, and plenty of gut-checks.

Since you can't show any reluctance or fear in front of the kids, you go and get on the obstacles, no matter what. So I did.

Now I'm all sorts of sore along with the bruises to prove a good time was had. A beer or two is definitely in order

One problem was that Leah could only go on the Purple, Yellow and Green trails, and on the Green only with an adult. The Purple one is more designed for kids so fitting my 5"8 frame through some of the obstacles was interesting at times. Again, lots of interesting muscle soreness is developing from that.

I took Leah on both purples, both yellows (twice each) and one green, and the green required adult accompaniment due to her age, and in a couple spots a little help was needed for her to reach some areas. Otherwise, once should got the hanging of Tweezing (watch the video to understand), she ran the courses like a boss.

By the time we got to the Green course, it was very backed up, mainly due to a lot of people freezing up at the zip-line and causing a backlog all the way to the start. This simply disgusted Leah as she showed no fear whatsoever and suggested those people go to the purple courses so they could find some more their speed. She couldn't believe adults were both punking out and holding up the line while doing so. The Green course was also starting to get a little tall for her with some of the obstacle becoming a little hard for her to reach, and the amount of waiting on them was getting ridiculous, so we did just one and went back to the yellow courses.

Abby and Tash paired up and did the purple, yellow and green ones. Abby then came to me and Leah and Tash did a blue one while I we were on the green course with Leah and Abby so I unfortunately missed it. So we'll see if Murph is up for it when he comes to town sometime as there's some blue courses waiting to be done.

To say it was an awesome time is an understatement. The zip-lining high in the air was way cool, the obstacles where you felt like you would fall off at any minute were great for building confidence and faith in yourself and your capabilities. The kids ate it up and now know they can do things they never would have thought they could do before getting up and stepping out into the air.


juvat said...

Sounds like you (all) had lots of fun. Good on ya!

Murphy's Law said...

If you can do it, I can do it. Let's go.

Murphy's Law said...

BLACK course. We ain't doing that wussy blue stuff. Go hard or go home!

Aaron said...

juvat: Thanks, that we did indeed.

ML: Yep, I figured that was your response and you're an excellent example of someone for whom "can't" isn't a word.

However, instead of black, we'll start you on the purple course and let you work your way up. :-)

Murphy's Law said...

Oh, "can't" is a word. It's a word that losers use, and it's one of the ways that we identify them.

I'm bringing a K-BAR. Put me in line behind slow-pokes and whingers and I'll probably use it.