Saturday, September 06, 2014

Selfridge Open House And Air Show

This weekend, Selfridge Air National Guard Base hosts its annual open house.

The base is open to the public with static displays, stuff for the kids, and a small airshow.

I took Abby and Leah there today.

Unfortunately, while I wanted to arrive in time for the main airshow act, if not for all of it, this had to be balanced by the estimated longevity of two young kids for hanging around an air show with lots of walking and crowds to contend with, and we also had to exercise Jett before we left the house.

So we left later than I wished for, and then got stuck in the traffic jam to end all traffic jams on 21 Mile Road before I-94 heading to the base. It took over an hour to go 2.7 miles. Murphy would have gone ballistic.

But we arrived at the base, parked in the first parking lot we saw. This was fortuitous later as we got out real easy unlike everyone else who was completely stuck in the traffic jam to get off the base, and then walked a good distance to get to the show entrance.

Once past security at the entrance the first thing we saw was this:

Yes a CH-47. The line to go into it was huge so we bypassed it and the kids got to go into a Customs and Border Patrol helicopter instead.

We then took some pics at the flight line, which I'll show in a later post.

This year the air show had an awesome main act:

Yes, the Blue Angles put on a fantastic display of precision aerobatic airmanship. More pictures of them in a post coming soon as they deserve their very own.


Keads said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the post.

Scott said...

That's where they were going. They did a flyover of Spartan Stadium earlier this week.

Old NFO said...

Nice!!! And the BEST Blues show is the 'home show' in P'cola in Nov! That is when they let it ALL hang out... :-)

Aaron said...

Keads: You're welcome, and more great pictures are on the way.

Scott: Yes that where they were headed. Also during the show they dd some pretty wide circuits so people outside the base could see them.

Old NFO: Very cool, and seeing them at Pensacola must rock. They certainly impressed with this show and put on a fantastic high-adrenaline display with some tight formations and lots of high speed close passes.