Thursday, August 01, 2013

Detroit Mayoral Election To Be A Long, Slow, Mess

Note this is the Democrat primary to determine which Democrat runs for Mayor, which is the same thing as choosing the mayor of Detroit. A Republican stands no chance in Detroit and they don't even bother running. so it's all Democrat on Democrat action as the City swirls round the drain after decades of Democrat misrule.

However, the City of Detroit's clerk expects it will take two weeks to determine who won after the polls close even as they expect only a 17% turnout.

The Detroit Free Press: Final tally in Detroit mayoral race could take up to two weeks, clerk's office said

Some of this is due to to write-in ballot issue and the shenanigans by shill Michael Dungeon running to draw votes away from Mike Duggan.

Some of the delay is because, hey, forget about it, it's Detroit.

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