Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wayne County Clerk Making A Hash Out Of Detroit's Mayoral Primary

Just when you thought they couldn't make more of a clown show of the mayoral election they've found a way to do it.

Currently, Mike Duggan has the lead with 44,935 votes and Benny Napoleon is in second with 28,352 votes.

Even a Detroiter/Wayne County denizen should be able to do the math, right?

Not so fast. It appears that 18,000 of Duggan's votes are being contested by The Wayne County Canvassing Board and County Clerk as the clerks "forgot" to use hash marks on them (note that there is no statutory requirement to do so...) and Lo, The Wayne County board of Canvassers was about to toss them all out with a decision being made on the last possible day so election workrs couldn't fix the "mistake".

This would put Benny Napoleon in the win column. Convenient, no?

Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garret, coincidentally I'm sure, "is the sister of AFSCME Council 25 President Al Garrett, who is backing Napoleon." Convenient, no?

That's Wayne County and Detroit For you, and this is now going to the State level to resolve.

Read the whole sordid tale at the Detroit Free Press: Editorial: State cleaning up after Wayne County clerk's mess

The Detroit Mayoral Election follies are not over.

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